Waitaha Wagyu Beef Trial BBQ Pack

Want an introduction to the amazing flavour of Wagyu??

Look no further! this affordable, perfect for the BBQ pack will get you hooked on the taste everyone around the World raves about.

All handmade in an artisan way, in house at our boutique butchery in the sunny Hawkes Bay.

100% NZ Waitaha Wagyu

Pack includes:

1 x Wagyu Beef and Guinness Sausages (avg 600gm pack)

1 x Wagyu Beef and Porcini Sausages (avg 600gm pack)

1 x Pack of 2 Wagyu Burger Patties

Value: $76.44

Pack Price: $59.95


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Serves Per Pack:6
Pieces Per Pack:3
Product Code:WAGYUPACK