Rose Veal Tongue

Rose Veal Tongue is a rare delicacy and ours are of the highest quality.  Hand-raised right here in New Zealand in open paddocks and fed cows milk and Moosli, our Rose Vealers are raised to around ten months old.

The flavour of Veal tongue is sweeter than beef requiring only gentle cooking to achieve superb tender meat, rich in iron.

Popular  and easy Rose Veal Tongue recipes are simple and include poached tongue with a fresh herb Salsa. You can be as creative as you like with your poaching or braising liquid.  I usually stick to the french tried-and-true trio to begin with Рonions, carrots and celery and then add garlic and a few peppercorns. If you can poach in a Veal stock you will get an even better result.




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Approximate Weight:640 Grams
Price Per Kg: $39.95
Serves Per Pack:4
Product Code:RVTG