Lamb Rumps (4pc)

Lamb Heart of Rump comes from the top of the hind leg. They are wonderful little fists of Silver Fern lamb rump, ideal to serve one rump per person.  Season, sear, briefly roast, then slice for lamb salads or serve whole as mini Lamb roasts.  Also known as chumps, Lamb Rumps are tender and full of flavour.  A restaurant favourite the world over, Chefs love Lamb Rumps because there is no waste and very little shrinkage in cooking. Top with Waiheke Herb Spread and serve with our incredible Lamb Glaze.

Try these on your friends. Simply sear in a hot pan and then bake whole for ten minutes. Serve sliced as Lamb medallions or stuff with your favourite mixture and serve whole. Do not forget to season with salt and pepper.

Pack weight is an estimate only.  Product is currently sold frozen.


* Estimated Price Per Pack Including GST

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Approximate Weight:900 Grams
Price Per Kg: $39.95
Serves Per Pack:4
Pieces Per Pack:4
Product Code:CLRU3