Lamb Carvery Leg

The traditional Sunday Spring lamb roast is as much a national dish as is the legendary Pavlova. Why break with tradition? Now you can enjoy soft, tender lamb all year round. Presenting a tender and juicy, medium-sized lamb hind leg that is hard to beat. Aitchbone removed for easy carving.  This traditional family lamb roast is delicious to eat and a dream to carve. Roast whole or bone out and barbecue! This is no ordinary carvery leg. Sunday dinner comes to mind, so get the family in for the most flavoursome Lamb Carvery leg that you will ever taste.  Serve it with our amazing Mint Jelly or Red Currant Jelly for something a little bit different.


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Approximate Weight:2.4 Kg
Price Per Kg: $22.00
Serves Per Pack:8
Pieces Per Pack:1
Product Code:CLCA