Silver Fern Farms Family Roast Combo

There is nothing better than the delicious quality of Silver Fern Farms grass-fed beef, lamb and venison. This combo brings together the best of their range for an easy spin on a traditional roast. The best bit, none take more than 30 minutes to cook so get your combo today and enjoy!

Silver Fern Farms beef, lamb and venison comes vacuum packed and can be refrigerated for up to 30 days. Fail safe cooking instructions, recipe ideas and serving suggestions are also right there on every pack.

Combo includes:

1 x Silver Fern Farms Venison Roast pack

1 x Silver Fern Farms Beef Brisket pack

1 x Silver Fern Farms Lamb Rump pack

1 x Founders Frantoio Olive Oil 250ml

1 x Wild Fennel Pocket Salt 80gm

1 x Wild Fennel Beef Rub 30gm

1 x Wild Fennel Lamb Rub 30gm

1 x Wild Fennel Deer Rub 30gm


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