Silver Fern Farms Beef Flat-Iron Steaks 220gm

Named for their unique shape, beef flat-iron steaks are removed from the shoulder, and are naturally marbled and surprisingly tender. Traditionally a braising steak, Silver Fern Farms has removed the seam of gristle to make it perfect for quick frying.

Silver Fern Farms Flat-Iron Steaks are aged for at least 21 days for tenderness, grass-fed and have no added hormones. Silver Fern Farms beef is vacuum packed and can be refrigerated for up to 30 days.

There are two tender and delicious steaks per pack. Fail safe cooking instructions, recipe ideas and serving suggestions are also right there on the pack.

Best cooking methods – Pan-fry, BBQ.

Remove from packaging, cover, and bring to room temperature.

Rub oil over the steaks and season.

Pan-fry/BBQ method: preheat the pan or BBQ to medium-high and pan-fry for 3-4 minutes on each side for medium-rare.

Transfer to a plate, cover, and rest for 5 minutes.


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Approximate Weight:220 Grams
Serves Per Pack:2
Product Code:SFBIS