Italian Veal Lemon and Herb Sausages

This is an exciting addition to our delicious range of sausages.  Made with our Rose Veal and free range Pork blended with a refreshing combination of Lemon, Herb and Garlic.  Try these on the barbecue or squeeze off little balls of sausage, sear and soak in your favourite spaghetti and meatball sauce.  My favourite condiment with these Italian sensations is Ruth Pretty’s Lemon Saffron Chutney. Yum!

Gluten Free.

We are sorry! This product is temporarily out of stock.  Try our juicy Veal & Porcini sausages as a tasty alternative.


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Approximate Weight: 500 Grams
Price Per Kg: $24.95
Serves Per Pack: 3
Pieces Per Pack: 6
Product Code: GDVLS