Buy Online - Gourmet Direct Safe Shop Guarantee

Whenever you shop through the Gourmet Direct website we take every possible precaution to ensure that your transactions are as safe as they can be.

We have taken, and continue to take, every possible step to keep your customer details safe.

All transactions are billed in New Zealand Dollars.

Should any fraudulent charges be made to your credit card as a result of shopping with Gourmet Direct, you will not have to pay for anything. Your bank does not hold you liable for fraudulent charges worth $50.00 or more. Gourmet Direct will cover this liability for you up to the full $50.00 so you won’t be out of pocket by a cent! Remember you must notify your bank or credit card provider as soon as you discover unauthorised use of your credit card.

Should you wish to cancel a transaction we ask that you notify us by 1pm on the day you have nominated for dispatch. If you would like to query the charges to your card please phone us on 0800 737 800 or for callers outside NZ phone +64 6 8337966.

Our Service Promise to you, our valued customer

Your complete satisfaction is very important to us at Gourmet Direct. Our promise is to provide the very best service that we can. We are your source not only for the products that Chefs use but also for great advice for preparing and cooking our products, recipes, top Chef’s tips and the latest trends in the cuisine world.

We are just a phone call away on 0800 737 800

When you choose Gourmet Direct premium meat products to say thank you to special friends, clients or staff, you are delivering the very best. We go to enormous lengths to ensure that the product you buy from us is perfect every time. Our product is consistently superior.

The reason is that we source all our meat products to pedantic specification. Our suppliers are experts in their field with plenty to choose from to ensure that they are able to supply us with only the very best meat, so that we can deliver you an extraordinarily consistent product every time. Our products will always look the same, feel the same and taste the same so that each new order is just as delicious as the last!

All our products are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What to Expect

Gourmet Direct products are of the freshest and highest quality and are dispatched in sophisticated packaging systems that require refrigeration within two hours of receiving your product.

All frozen products are fresh when frozen. Use by dates on frozens refer to chilled state expiry! In the rare event that any goods arrive in less than the superb condition in which they were sent, advise us immediately and we will issue a replacement or credit promptly.

We regret we are unable to issue a credit where more than 30 days have passed since delivery.

While we make every effort to fulfil your order occassionally products will run out due to unprecedented demand. Where we are unable to supply a product one of our customer services staff will contact you to arrange a replacement or to defer delivery.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm. Outside those hours, just leave us a message on Freephone 0800 737 800 and we’ll be back to you, sooner than you think!

You are always welcome to visit us at our retail store at 17 Mahia Street, Ahuriri, Napier or write to us at PO Box 12207, Ahuriri, Napier