Provenance Oyster Shoulder 1kg

Provenance appealed to Gourmet Direct because they exhibit true discipline when it comes to lamb. Their lambs are grown to strict (lamb-like) specification so their cuts are smaller and sweeter. Just the way Lamb ought to be. As rare as hen’s teeth, the Oyster Shoulder cut is the forequarter leg with the shank removed. This leaves an irresistible, yet manageable, slow cook cut with the bone in for even more flavour. Long sought after by Chefs, the Provenance Oyster Shoulder delivers just the right amount of fat for flavour while still allowing the slow cooked lean meat to speak to your palate in ways other Lamb can only dream of.


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Approximate Weight:1 Kg
Price Per Kg: $24.95
Serves Per Pack:4
Pieces Per Pack:1
Product Code:FLOY