Havoc Farm Whole Ham On The Bone

Single farm, 100% friendly farmed NZ cured, whole ham from Havoc Farms in our pristine South Island.  These hams make a statement on the table and on the palate and are perfect for those important family occasions and celebrations.   Each beautifully crafted ham comes fully cured so is ready-to-eat straight off the bone or you can warm it through and glaze it to impress!

A whole ham will weigh somewhere between 7.5 to 10kg so please let us know which size you would prefer and we will do our best to get as close as possible.  You pay by weight, so you will only pay for what you receive.


* Estimated Price Per Pack Including GST

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Approximate Weight:9 Kg
Price Per Kg: $28.00
Serves Per Pack:80
Pieces Per Pack:1
Product Code:HAVWH