Havoc Farms Pork Shortloin

So versatile, friendly farmed boneless Pork Shortloin is a great way to serve a small roast of Pork complete with crackling.  Cap can be removed to grill for crackling or left on during roasting if desired.  Try this with a baste of Vineco Verjuice and some Fennel seeds rubbed into the Cap with NZ Flaky Salt.  Aromatic and sensational flavours. Friendly farmed pork spends most of it’s life free range grazing outdoors on grass as Happy Pigs. Prime pigs are finished in open barns. Sows and Boars roam freely outdoors for their lifetime but with shelters to protect them from the elements and for birthing piglets.


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Approximate Weight:1.3 Kg
Price Per Kg: $29.95
Serves Per Pack:7
Pieces Per Pack:1
Product Code:FPSTFR