Havoc Farms Pork Belly (Boneless)

Premium NZ friendly farmed Pork Belly.  Wondering “How do I cook pork crackling?” Find a Crackling for roast pork recipe here. Our boneless Pork Belly has plenty of lean meat and a nice fat cap to render down during cooking. This cut is often used by Chefs for twice cooked pork recipes and tremendously popular on restaurant menus.  Why not try it at home? Have you been searching for the best pork belly recipe? Here’s How to Cook Pork Belly.  Starting with the right product makes all the difference.

This product makes wonderful Tapas or serve twice cooked with an Asian broth and wilted greens it’s a treat to be savoured.

Product is Friendly farmed.

  • may come chilled or frozen

Circa 1.3-1.8kg


* Estimated Price Per Pack Including GST

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Approximate Weight:1.5 Kg
Price Per Kg: $27.95
Serves Per Pack:5
Pieces Per Pack:1
Product Code:FRPBBO