Huffmans Chilli Pepper Not-Too-Hot Sauce 300ml

Award-winning Huffman’s hand crafted original Chilli Pepper sauce is made right here in NZ.  It’s an all purpose, ‘invigorating’ (certainly awakens the palate!) sauce crafted to work as a seasoning and enhance flavours. Chock full of sweet Red Peppers, distilled white vinegar, Red Chilli Peppers and smoked Paprika.  There is nothing you cannot pronounce on the ingredient label and loads to love inside the bottle.  Crafted with the modern consumer in mind, this sauce is Gluten free, GMO free, MSG, Dairy and Soy free.

Winner – World Champion Pepper Blend in the World Hot Sauce Awards 2015!

As an added bonus it comes in a classy, recyclable glass bottle.


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Approximate Weight:300 Ml
Product Code:HUFFCP