Flaky Butter Pastry (New!)

Bake the best Beef Wellington or Apple Strudel in your street! Most importantly, this full butter 100% flaky butter pastry  will ensure you deliver the deluxe of all pies. Besides, Ruth Pretty raves about our pastry.

Our pastry comes in thin flat sheets of 6 per pack, easily rolled to suit your cooking requirements.

When baked it gives a beautiful honeycomb structure. Most importantly, it’s the only pastry you should be using for deserts, savoury pies and sausage rolls. Try this flaky butter pastry, you will never go back. It’s truly unbeatable.

We recommend that you include other items in your order if only ordering one or two sheets of this incredible product to ensure it arrives in still frozen in it’s best state.

Size is approx 2.2kg for the pack of 6 sheets.


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Approximate Weight: 2.2 Kg
Pieces Per Pack: 1
Product Code: FPAS