Our Value Chain - We're Dedicated

kateGourmet Direct maintains strict standards when it comes to product procurement. We operate a pasture to plate specification policy on our core meat products. This means that the Beef, Lamb, Veal and Venison that you buy from us meets our high quality standards every time you purchase. This is achieved through specific animal grades selected for specific expert processing chains and packaged every time in superior export vacuum packages for maximum freshness, product stability and shelf life. We very rarely go outside these specifications where our regular supplier is unable to deliver. In these unusual circumstances we will source only what we consider to be equally desirable product, otherwise we will ring you to arrange delivery when our preferred product is available.

There is always plenty of meat for sale on the New Zealand market – all traveling under similar descriptions – but the product quality is variable.

Our system delivers consistency, so we will not waver from it!

Kate King, Owner

Outside our core product we deal only with those suppliers of considerable reputation- from raw materials to processing, distinctive product quality, consistency and especially packaging. Some suppliers have been with us for the life of our company and we stand by their ability to deliver.