Sweet Indulgence

Pack contains:

1 x Delicious Chocolate Brownie 260gm

1 x Traditional Mini Christmas Fruit Cake 375gm

1 x Peplers Spiced Red Currant Jelly 195gm

1 x Gourmet Chocolate Selection (8)

1 x I Love Cookies Chocolate Chip

1 x Molly Woppy Mini Gingerbread Men (8)

1 x Kapiti Candy Toasted Coconut Marshmallows

1 x Coconut Gluten Free Triple O Cookies

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Product Code: GPDWI
Gift Pack contains: 1 X Black Doris Plum Conserve
1 X Spiced Red Currant Jelly
1 X Mixed Berry Boogie Summer Dessert Sauce
1 X Herb & Spice Mill Belgian Chocolate Mousse 150gm