Provenance Lamb Trial Pack

A special opportunity for those in the know about our new and spectacular Lamb partners – introducing Provenance Lamb. All the way from the pristine plains of Central Otago (and some pretty spectacular mountain terrain too!), this Lamb is harvested but once a year to strict specifications. Biologically farmed by the Crutchley family who have several generations of farming expertise in their family tree.


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Product Code:PROVLM
Gift Pack contains: 1 X Provenance Lamb Carvery Leg 1.9kg
2 X Provenance Lamb Shanks 900gm
1 X Provenance Oyster Shoulder 1kg
1 X Wild Fennel Lamb Rub 30gm
1 X Provenance Lamb French Racks
1 X Provenance Lamb Rumps Cap On