Havoc Farm Pork Trial Pack

Once you have tried Havoc Farm Pork you will never go back! Pork Farmer Ian (AKA Lord Havoc) really gets pigs and we think they get him too. Ian’s wife Linda (AKA Lady Havoc) has been the driving force behind getting the vastly superior Havoc product out into the market for over ten years. We recently visited the Havoc Farm because we were searching for fine pork of extraordinary provenance to deliver to you, our very discerning customers. Luckily, the timing was right and Ian and Linda have agreed to let us act as their online shop for the foreseeable future. In 30 years of farming and 15 years owning Gourmet Direct, I have never seen pork like it. We are so excited to be able to share our discovery with you. Havoc Pigs have the perfect balance between lean and fat, expertly finished pigs resulting in expertly proportioned, deliciously tasty pork cuts.

Here’s a collection of great starter products to get you hooked! We will even deliver it to your door


* products may be swapped if out of stock for similar value Havoc Farms pieces


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Product Code:HAVMD
Gift Pack contains: 1 X Havoc Farms Pork Belly (Boneless)
1 X Friendly Farmed Pork Shoulder Rolled
1 X Friendly Farmed Havoc Dry Cured Bacon 250gm
1 X Gourmet Direct Cooler Bag
1 X Havoc Friendly Farmed Pork Spare Ribs
1 X Havoc Farm Streaky Bacon 250gm
1 X Gusto Tart Apple Syrup 250ml
1 X Wild Fennel Pork Rub 30gm
1 X Havoc Farm Pork Chops (Mid Loin)