Gourmet Sausage Selection

Artisan sausages are a thing of beauty once you find them, you wont want to eat any others.  Our gourmet sausage selection presents 6 of our most popular sausages.  All are gluten free and made with real NZ meat and loads of passion.

6 packs of sensational sausages in each pack.  A minimum of 30 sausages in total.


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Product Code:GSTP2
Gift Pack contains: 1 X Venison Farmhouse Sausages
1 X Pork & Apple Sausages
1 X Veal and Porcini Sausages
1 X Beef Steak and Onion Sausages
1 X Lamb Kofta Sausages
1 X Italian Veal Lemon and Herb Sausages