Gourmet Entertainer

Designed to be a fabulous top-of-the-line feast for four to six people, this makes a wonderful gift. Consider the benefits of receiving this gorgeous selection when friends and family arrive.

It has been called a Godsend!

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Product Code: GDENT
Gift Pack contains: 1 X Beef Tenderloin Eye Fillet 1.5 - 2.0Kg
1 X Lamb French Rack
1 X Lamb Heart of Rump
1 X Hot Smoked Salmon 180gm
1 X Meat Glaze 200ml
1 X Dill Mayonnaise (280gm)
1 X Friendly Farmed Havoc Dry Cured Bacon 250gm
1 X Gourmet Direct Cooler Bag
1 X Havoc Farm Streaky Bacon 250gm
1 X Wild Fennel Lamb Rub 30gm
1 X Venison Leg Fillet 700gm