Al Brown Olive Oil Gift Pack

Al Brown is so famous that he now has his own line of Olive Oils infused with deliciousness!  Here is the perfect gift for the Foodie you favour.  Al Browns full collection of infused Olive Oils, beautifully presented in one of our gorgeous Gourmet Direct Cooler bags.  You see, Olive Oil is like perfume – it wants to avoid long term exposure to direct sunlight and heat.  Al says Pour, dont drizzle.  This is a trio of infused Olive oils hell bent on taking your food to the next level. Three 500ml Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils plus a handy Gourmet Direct Cooler Bag.  How can you resist?

The Lemon & Oregano Combo is reminiscent of a lazy evening in the Mediterranean, contributing a citrus kick and a savoury herbal note to many dishes.

The Orange and Chilli is especially good with Spanish and Middle Eastern cuisine and Al recommends glugging it over hummus, skordalia and grilled vegetable dishes.

The Lemon and Fennel is the runaway favourite, marrying effortlessly with a variety of proteins, dishes and cuisines.  It is best friends with pork, seafood, lamb and even mashed potato.

Would you like to buy Al Brown Olive Oil products on their own?

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Product Code: ALBO3
Gift Pack contains: 1 X Al Brown Lemon & Fennel Olive Oil
1 X Gourmet Direct Cooler Bag
1 X Al Brown Lemon & Oregano Olive Oil 500ml
1 X Al Brown Orange & Chilli Olive Oil 500ml