Veal Shank Leftovers - Osso Bucco

Veal Shanks are an absolute treat and though a good old favourite in the winter can be enjoyed with a lush Green Salad in the summer too.

Best known as Osso Bucco, we sell these in 1.5kg packs of 6 slices.  You have to be patient with the cooking but once you have the finished product think about the following ways to serve the richly flavoured meat that results.

  • Use some of the Meat juices and the cooked meat to fill a pie shell – ether individual ones or make a big one for the family.   Keep some of our famous pastry on-hand for this!
  • Try combining the shredded meat and juices with a fresh Tomato Salsa and some fresh herbs and toss it all through your favourite pasta.

Freeze small qantities of the meat on the bone with juices to retrieve one day when you are too tired to cook.  Reheat and serve with a yummy garlic potato mash and green beans.  Don’t forget to serve a good glass of Red Wine with it.