Perfect Pork Shortloin

We have received a few queries as to how we managed to create the delicious looking Pork Shortloin ‘loaf’ that is pictured with this product!

Here is the secret!

Defrost your Pork Shortloin, and remove from the packaging.  With a very sharp knife, remove the entire cap, (be sure to retain this) leaving a thin layer of fat on the meat.  Score the cap.  Rub your seasoning onto the meat (garlic, salt, pepper) or whichever delicious rub you have chosen, and place the cap back on.  Wrap the meat tightly to form a loaf, tucking the tail in.  Tie the shortloin at 1cm intervals, add seasoning to the cap, and cook in a pre-warmed oven at approximately 170 degrees C for about 1 1/2 hours for approx 1.8kgs.  Ensure that the juices run clear and that you leave your shortloin to rest for at least 10 minutes in a warm environment.

Happy Eating!