Cooking Premium New Zealand Lamb

Sweet succulent and deliciously tender, New Zealand Lamb deserves a little research before attempting to cook the premium cuts for the first time.  We hope you will find these hints useful and encourage you to contact us if you need further advice.

  • Buy the very best NZ Lamb Cuts you can source.
  • Make sure portion sizes are roughly even so that you can be confident that each portion cooks evenly.
  • Ensure that the packaging is professionally rendered or the shelf-life will be short on your investment.
  • Gourmet Direct packaging gives you up to five weeks refrigerated shelf-life on all our Lamb products.
  • Bring the Lamb cuts to room temperature before cooking.  This ensures cooking times on recipes will deliver the desired result and ensures that the meat is relaxed before cooking.  This is especially important if you want fresh herbs or other marinade ingredients to do their job effectively.
  • Do not over-flavour premium NZ Lamb Cuts.  Their natural flavour is sweet and delicate and must be allowed to “Speak” or you will be disappointed.  Salt & Pepper, Garlic and fresh herbs with a little Olive oil finsihed with Gourmet Direct Lamb Glaze are all you really need to deliver a stunning taste sensation.
  • Serve a fruit jelly on the side if you wish.  We recommend Delmaine’s Port Wine Jelly.
  • Rest the meat in a warm place after cooking (approx 15mins).
  • If your premium Lamb Cut has the bone in, allow for this in cooking and resting time.  The bone acts as a heat conductor so the Lamb continues cooking longer once removed from the heat.
  • Do not be afraid to barbecue premium NZ Lamb Cuts.  The marriage is a perfect one since the Lamb embraces the smokey characteristics of this cooking method.
  • Try different cuts of Lamb.  Try our Lamb Oyster Shoulder for a change.  See recipe with Star Anise

Email us your favourite New Zealand Lamb Recipe and we will post on our website noting you as the Chef!