How to Cook the Perfect Steak

There’s often an argument around the barbecue over how to cook the perfect steak. We’ve had plenty of inquiry in this regard in our Napier store so we thought we would put together some simple tips for preparing stunning, mouth-watering beef steak.

Tip No.1
Never skimp on the quality of your steak. Ask for 100% NZ Cold boned beef, preferably with some age on it. Ensure they are nice and thick – approx 250gms each.
Tip No.2
Know the cut you’re cooking. The best steak cuts are, from the top down – Eye Fillet (also known as tenderloin), Scotch Fillet (also known as Rib Eye or Cube Roll), Porterhouse (also known as Striploin and Sirloin) and Rump. If you’re able to find it and are a discerning steak chef, you will also have success with Hanger Steak and Flank steak.
Tip No.3
Bring the meat to room temperature before considering connecting it with heat.
Tip No.4
Oil the steaks not the gridle.
Tip No.5
Only salt the steaks just before you place them on the heat.
Tip No.6
Make sure your skillet or steak pan is clean before you start.
Tip No.7
Using your hands plump the steaks up before you place them on the heat. When you put them on the heat ensure that they maintain their shape for the first few seconds then they will remain in place for the remainder of the cooking process.
Tip No.8
You are better off cooking one big thick juicy steak and then cutting it in half to serve two than attempting to get a good result from thinner steaks. If you do want to cook them thin, they will only need 1-2 minutes per side before finishing in the oven.
Tip No.9
Sear the sides of you steak to render and crisp any visible fats before searing on either side as below.
Tip No.10
Heat your skillet to high and cook your steaks 2-3 minutes per side before finishing for 2 minutes in a medium hot oven. Rest for at least 2 minutes for a 250gm steak.