Beef Secrets and Cooking Tips

Cooking Beef Eye Fillet

  • Buy your Beef from a trusted Supplier to ensure consistent quality everytime.
  • Buy the right Cut for the recipe you are using.
  • Always bring meat to room temperature before cooking. For a larger piece this could mean up to half an hour out of the fridge. This guarantees that the cooking times deliver the desired result.
  • Never cook an Eye Fillet (or anything else) from frozen!!
  • Never microwave to defrost!!
  • Using cooking string (no plastic component) tie the thin tail of the Eye Fillet under the end of the whole piece – you’re tying it back on itself. This ensures even cooking of the whole piece.
  • Season with Salt and Pepper before searing.
  • Brown the meat in a medium hot pan before roasting. This enhances the flavour and delivers a semi-crusty exterior contrasting the rare interior.
  • Be aware of the personality of your oven and adjust the recommended temperature accordingly. A fan-forced oven will cook the meat faster – conventional oven slower etc.
  • As a guide 20 minutes at 200°C returns a medium rare result for about 1.8kgs. Add another 10 minutes per 500gms but keep an eye on it. The larger the piece of meat the longer it will keep cooking out of the oven while it rests!
  • Test the meat for doneness by squeezing it gently with your fingers. The firmer the response the more cooked it is. Squeeze the raw piece before cooking to get a feel for raw!
  • Rest the Meat after cooking. For 2kgs this means leaving it in a warm place covered for up to 20 minutes. This allows the meat fibres to relax and the juices distribute evenly throughout the piece ensuring more flavour and tenderness. Remove any string after resting.
  • Add the residual juices to your Jus – they will be delicious.
  • Eye Fillet does not need to be served piping hot.
  • Carve meat with very sharp knives to ensure a clean result.

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