Beef Tenderloin Eye Fillet 1.5 - 2.0Kg

Sliced, this delicately marbled Beef Tenderloin Eye Fillet is the classic fillet steak or “fillet mignon”. Controlled ageing gives our beef fillets (tenderloins) that tender melt-in-your-mouth quality and distinctive flavour.  This is the smartest way to treat a group to the very best cut of beef New Zealand has to offer. Invest in the guaranteed quality of our tenderloin eye fillet. Better beef than you have ever tasted every time you order. Fabulous served whole or slice into beef steaks for easy entertaining.  The Beef Roast for the High Flyer and for that special occasion when it really counts!

Use our Meat Glaze as an easy base for your favourite sauces.



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Approximate Weight:1.8 Kg
Price Per Kg: $44.95 (reduced from: $69.95)
Serves Per Pack:8
Pieces Per Pack:1
Product Code:CBTE1