Beef Scotch Fillet Whole (Rib-Eye or Cube Roll)

Natural marbling makes this beef roast very tasty, juicy and easy to cook perfectly every time. Serve whole or slice into juicy beef steaks. Excellent value if entertaining a crowd. Use any off cuts to make beef stirfry, beef casserole or stews. This cut is expertly aged and  fully trimmed so there is no waste at all.

Product is sold chilled fresh so that you can slice and freeze the beef if you wish. We recommend you use good quality, thick plastic snap lock bags for best results to freeze your Gourmet Direct products. Product weight range is up to 5kg

100% NZ Beef. Gluten Free. 100% Grass Fed Beef.


* Estimated Price Per Pack Including GST

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Approximate Weight:4.2 Kg
Price Per Kg: $42.95
Serves Per Pack:15
Pieces Per Pack:1
Product Code:CBRI2